Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tartan Trousers

Naked Green Machine is surprisingly nice despite containing 'odourless garlic' everyone needs to try it!

My face looks so chubby here but i'm in love with these Tartan trousers from Ralph Lauren! They're not really worth the original £90 price tag but as i got them for £35 i bought them in blue as well! 

Please leave comments on any looks you want me to try etc 

Thanks for looking!
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  1. I love your outfit! The boots and pants are super cute! I'm not sure i could pul off the tartan pants, but they look great on you!


  2. I loved the way you styled this trousers, they are so cool!
    Just found your blog and I'm in love with your style, and the blog is amazing as well. I'm following you! Keep on the great work! <3

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